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A Home Care Aide Can Keep an Elderly Person Independent

March 9, 2016 at 7:56 am

Home care may be the answer to the challenging situation of an elderly parent who may want to keep living independently in his or her own home.

If your parent needs help with ADLs—Activities of Daily Living—such as personal grooming, toileting, dressing and bathing, hiring an eldercare aide would be the perfect solution. Elderly woman and home care aideAides have training in helping senior citizens perform these activities.

The aide can also make sure your parent’s home is clean and tidy to help keep him or her safe and healthy. Many aides will do light duty housekeeping, such as surface cleaning. Part of the job can include transportation to senior centers, grocery shopping, errands or other places.

If your parent just needs good nutrition or must have a special diet, the aide can prepare and serve simple meals. This will also serve to be sure the person eats his or her meals regularly and does not have to sit alone to eat.

An important element of eldercare is providing companionship. Your parent will enjoy having someone to focus on him or her and listen to concerns and even discuss news or old-time TV programs older people enjoy. A good aide will show genuine interest in personal history and stories seniors love to relate. This kind of attention makes the person feel he or she is still important and not alone.

An aide will also record the elder’s progress, including moods, energy level, amount of food and fluid intake and medications. This provides useful information to the family and the person’s doctors. Problems and changes will be easy to track and report.

The law prohibits a home care aide from providing skilled nursing service. If this type of care is required, a Registered Nurse or other licensed medical professional will need to be hired, at least on a visiting basis. However, most everyday tasks can be performed by an eldercare aide, from reminding him or her of medication to helping with daily exercise.

Elderly people of today are in better health that older people were in the past, and most want to stay in their own homes as long as possible. Maintaining the independent status of the senior citizen is the purpose of eldercare.

An elderly person’s quality of life overall can be greatly increased by utilizing home care aides. If an older parent has fairly good health, it should not be necessary for him or her to live in a nursing home. Living at home is more beneficial than living in a facility.

An aide who is employed by or works as an independent contractor for a home care agency/registry is dependable, trustworthy, has been trained and is licensed. This is important whether you live nearby or far away, but is especially reassuring if you do not live close enough to check on your parent frequently.

Once you have decided on home care, the service will start with an assessment in your parent’s home. The home environment and the health of your parent, as well as any special needs he or she may have will be taken into consideration. From this visit, the level of care will be determined and whether customization is needed for a medical condition such as heart disease or diabetes.

Call today with your questions or to schedule a preliminary visit with no obligation. You can rest assured your parent’s needs will be met and he or she will continue to enjoy living at home even when you cannot always be there. Once you have all the information you need, you can be confident that eldercare is the right decision for your loved one.

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How Non-Medical Home Care Can Make Life Easier For Miami Seniors

February 6, 2016 at 7:19 am

Personal independence is as important to young adults as it is to seniors who sometimes feel like they have lost other freedoms such as entertaining friends and family, driving and traveling alone. With a little extra help of a non-medical caregiver, seniors can enjoy their lives in confidence and safety of their own homes. The care and compassion given by non-medical caregivers have brought many families in Miami much needed peace of mind.

Miami Home Care for Seniors

Many senior citizens need some help around the house but because they’re having a few problems does not mean they have to move somewhere else. Taking advantage of today’s non-medical home care options may be all that’s needed for seniors to remain in their own, familiar homes. Home care programs focus on helping seniors with the typical day to day activities they need to engage in to stay healthy and safe.

Any senior citizen may need help in activities such as meal preparation, medication reminders, transportation, and light housekeeping. However, one of the most important yet often neglected needs of a senior citizen who lives alone is simple companionship. The companionship of a non-medical home care aide can be just as important as the vital physical assistance they provide.

Seniors, like people in any other age group, need one-on-one contact and conversation to keep them alert. They can work well with someone to participate in their favorite activities and hobbies such as woodworking, gardening, attending a concert or a just a simple walk to the grocery store.

Non-medical home care is designed to allow senior patients to stay home as long as they can rather than relocating to a long-term care facility. Not only are such services convenient for both senior citizens and family, but they also provide comfort and peace of mind for the senior.

There are several factors to be considered in determining the right kind of home care services your loved one could derive the most benefit from. Take a step back and look at the big picture. With both part-time and full-time home care options not to mention a variety of services offered in Miami, you need to make a well-thought decision and ensure you or your loved one stays home as long as possible.

Family support and Participation

A quality home care service provides more than just a professional caregiver. The aide will be committed to involving the family in the care process and keeping in clear communication anyone who needs to be informed of developments. This may include routine visits and calls to your loved one.

Personalized Home Care

Everyone is different, and there is no one-fits-all prescribed method of providing personalized care. Home care aides dedicate their efforts towards providing their full attention and quality care. Whether it’s part time or full time, caregivers provide individualized care to ensure the patients are comfortable.

Independence for Seniors

Is it not true that we are most confident, comfortable and independent in our own homes? With a broad range of home care services, your loved one has the freedom and ability to lead a meaningful and stress-free life.

Keeping the comforts of home

The most critical advantage of in-home care is that you get to keep the things you love around you. That family portrait hanging on the living room wall, friends and neighbors that often stop by, and your favorite couch are all comforts we hold dear.

Numerous studies have shown that living at home is often the best option for mental and physical well-being. Many Miami senior citizens suffer from social isolation which has been shown to do as much harm to their health as smoking. Non-medical home care services benefit a senior who needs more than members of the family can provide. Professional caregivers help families avoid missing the fun filled environment of everyday life.

Miami Home Care Services refers fully screened and certified home care aides and nursing assistants to elderly Miami and Dade county residents.